The IES La Fuensanta develops different strategies for mentoring and support to students participating in mobility programs of studies and placements

      Outgoing and Incoming Students:

- We collected through a questionnaire about participation needs (medical, food, ...)
- Produced a document with cultural information of the destination country.
- We gave maps and plans on transportation and points of interest of the target locations.
- Provide assistance in finding accommodation and a contact number for emergencies.
- We encourage communication travez Moodle and e-mail.

      Incoming students addition to that received at our institution:

- We encourage constant communication with students receptors and their incorporation into the daily life of our institution.
- Inform the Spanish healthcare system and help in case of illness.
- Put on the website of the host institution about our institution, city, transport, accommodation and contacts as well as the characteristics of the Spanish educational system



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El IES La Fuensanta desarrolla distintas estrategias para tutoría y soporte  a los alumnos participantes en los programas de movilidad de estudios y prácticas en empresas  

      Estudiantes Salientes y Entrantes:

      Además para los estudiantes Entrantes  que recibimos en nuestra institución: